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Vomit To Death With CODBLOPS 3's Chaos Powers

Vom nom nom

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 [official site] has a "sonic anti-personnel" ability which lets you "literally bring your enemies to their knees by making them sick to death." When you use it, people straight up vom' till they die. The latest trailer, found below, introduces this and other Chaos Cybercore abilities.

"Chaos Cybercore". What a phrase. I think I missed the point where Call of Duty moved from dabbling in future-tech and went full-out Crysis. Although from the abilities above, it does look like each one of them does the same thing - ie. kills a bunch of people with a handwave. The description with the video says that the Chaos abilities "throw enemies into a state of confusion," but I don't see much confusion on the faces of the people or robots exploding, vomiting or being ripped to shreds by swarms of cyberhornets or whatever.

There are other Cybercore abilities to come, of course. I'm hoping for Stealth Cybercore, Dog Cybercore and Euro Cybercore. These are also all singleplayer abilities as demoed above, so it's not known which if any will make it into the game's multiplayer. If they do, I suggest you try banning the vomit-ourselves-to-death move.

I miss World War 2 games.

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