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Black Ops 4 will soon add tanks and double jumps to Blackout

Last Superman standing

The Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Operation Dark Divide trailer is all sword fights, floaty crackly lightning folk and mechanical helmets that assemble around people's faces. Good. With the second Modern Warfare about to drench us all in pseudo-realistic oorah guff, I'm glad that Blops is mucking about with superheroes. I'm particularly glad they're adding the time-limited "Heavy Metal Heroes" event to Blackout, their battle royale mode, because it includes double jumps, tanks, and a lot of ramps.

Season pass owners will also get two new multiplayer maps and the final chapter of the blando-zombies mode. I'm not a season pass owner. Let's get back to ramps n' tanks.

PS4 owners already have all this, because they're better than us. Activision haven't said when they'll oblige everyone else, but it's bound to be soon. But first you'll have to watch the swordy floaty explodey people.

On show up there are three new playable characters: Marlton, Stuhlinger, and Grigori Weaver. I'd say the last one presumably has the power to fend off aliens with slightly obfuscated pop culture references, but these are just cosmetics.

The tanks are proper new, though. They're littered about at the start of the match, but are also air dropped in along with other vehicles as the game goes on. You can summon them yourself if you find a flare gun, and fend them off with hand-held "Hellion Salvo Operators" if you're not inclined or lucky enough to clothe yourself in an armoured vehicle. I do like the idea of giving naked players double jumps and explosives as a way of evening the odds, though I suspect it will still feel one-sided. I'll just have to wait until Dark Divide escapes Playstation prison to find out.

Here are the full patch notes, including details about the new multiplayer maps and zombies mode.

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