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Call Of Duty drops into Blackout free trial month


Blackout, the battle royale mode of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, is free for all and sundry to play from today until the end of April. Get a account, download it, and away you go, dropping down into the trees and hills to hike and loot and shoot.

Blopout is also getting a second map, set on the prison island of Alcatraz, though it's initially exclusive to PlayStations because Activision think this is still 2009 and no multiplayer shooter can rival the almighty CoD. Come at me, Ian Vision.

If you fancy a crack at Blopout, download the client and you'll find the free trial within. It's not a small download, so it's good that this isn't just for a weekend. The trial will end on April 30th. A good long Blopout trial is welcome, given how much Activision stacked the deck against it.

Blopout launched with poor odds for survival. Selling a battle royale as part of a £50 game when the genre had grown massive from the free Fortnite was always going to be tough. Activision released a cut-down version with Blopout and regular multiplayer modes (no Zombies co-op) for £35 within two months, annnd then two months later Apex Legends came along with the same big-budget polish and grit as Blopout but with a more unique flavour and no price ticket.

I half-suspect this long, long free trial might be Activision feeling out interest in a standalone free-to-play version of Blopout. But they make so many odd decisions following years-old industry trends that I honestly can't guess. Maybe they just want you to buy it.

Speaking of, Cod Blops 4 is half-price for keepsies until April 12 too. It's down to £25 on, or the version including the content pass has a 30% discount bringing it to a still-pretty-high £56.

Anywho, here's a peek at Alcatraz, which hit PlayStation 4 today and should be on PC next week:

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