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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4's Battle Edition cuts the price but drops zombie co-op

A no-zombie zone

It was surprising enough that Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 axed any kind of singleplayer campaign, but Treyarch have gone and cut the co-op Zombies mode, too, albeit optionally. The new cut-price Battle Edition of the game contains all the PvP modes (including Blackout, the popular, twitchy battle royale mode), and is available for £27 with plans to increase the price in January. It seems like a savvy decision, offering a cheaper stocking stuffer edition of the game with its most-played modes, especially as competition this December looks fierce.

The cut price version is fully intact, minus the zombie stuff, although I wonder if this means they've plans to release a PvP-only season pass, as a large chunk of it was extra zombie stages. There will be an option for players to upgrade to the regular edition of the game - undead included - but aside from that, there'll be no smaller DLC released. Activision have announced that if you want any new maps later, you need to buy the whole season pass in one go, and it's not cheap, either - the regular Digital Deluxe edition including the season pass is a hefty $90 even when discounted.

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Aside from reading about the zombie bosses leaking into Blackout mode, I must admit that I've heard very little about Black Ops 4 after launch. A few folks in my immediate circle played a bit of Blackout when it was in beta, but I've seen very little of it since release. The mode seemed well liked, blending familiar battle royale structure with the hyper-twitchy shooting of later Call Of Duty games, so those wanting in at a more wallet-friendly price have a new option, at least. Not really my scene, I must admit.

The Battle Edition of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 is out now on the store for £27/$30, with the price rising to £35/$40 on January 6th. The standard edition is £40/$48 and the Digital Deluxe edition (with season pass) is £72/$90, all prices set to return to full in January.

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