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You can pet the dog and manipulate time with a camcorder in Blair Witch

I don't Twana my dog to die

You hear the phrase "Blair Witch video game" and your first thought as an inexplicably loyal fan is: "Oh Gods, please don't balls it up." Well, I'm happy to say despite that initial concern, I found a hands-on preview of the upcoming addition to the found footage terror universe to be inspiring of some confidence. If you want to know more, especially about the protagonist's pet dog, Bullet, then you should give this here video wot I made a watch.

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Property owners Lionsgate have given Bloober Team, developers of artist breakdown simulator Layers Of Fear and cyberpunk horror-noir Observer, the freedom to play with any and all things Blair Witch. The game is set in 1996, two years after the events of The Blair Witch Project, and follows an ex-cop named Ellis, and more importantly his dog and very good boy Bullet.

It does a lot of interesting things. The basic bits to know are that we won't see the Blair Witch, it's first and foremost a psychological horror game. It tracks how you move, what you interact with, and how you treat Bullet, and uses that all to change how the game plays out and which of multiple endings you'll get.

If you're a cog in the oppressive Google mega-machine and have a YouTube account, you should subscribe to our channel. We make all sorts of things, and some of those things are that bit weirder now that I'm on-board. There are reviews, previews, livestreams, video essays, all sorts of stuff. If you have any questions about Blair Witch, just pop them down as a comment either here or over on the video, and I'll get back to you.

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