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If this very good boy from the new Blair Witch game survives, I will give you all a fiver

worst walkies ever

"You enter a forest, and things go wrong." That's the basic concept behind the upcoming Blair Witch game, a first person horror title from Layers of Fear and Observer developers Bloober Team. It's an original story taking place in what Bloober call the 'Blair Witch universe'. Which, as universes go, has definitely got the 'creepy forest' biome down pat.

From the demo footage below it looks to be a genre-adherent, if ambitious, horror exploration game. Making the player feel entrapped and claustrophobic in a large open space is going to take some doing, and I'm looking forward to see how Bloober handle it. It's also going to be interesting to see how the film-length slow-burn of the original translates to game length. In the film, we basically just got a load of hints and signs of ill portent, leading up to what was still quite a minimalist moment of concluding horror. The game is likely going to need to lay the spooks on a bit thicker than that, in order to pace itself. Gaze in despair at the clip below.

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Did you notice it? It's a dog! A dog with an entire radial menu's worth of commands! A dog that can apparently act as a weapon, allowing the game to have combat scenarios without over-empowering the player! A dog that, yes, ok, haha, stop asking, haha, of course you can! of course you can feed it live bats! Can you feed live bats to the dog? Yes! It's like a lovable, more coherent Ozzy Osborne.

Blair Witch: The Game of The Film with The Camera is out August 30th, so you've got about six weeks to make your peace with the fact that the dog will certainly die.

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