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Borderlands 3 birthday event continues with Eridium flash sales

Whop it out

Borderlands is certainly a more generous ten-year-old than I ever was. While I was off doing laser tag with some nerds, Borderlands 3 is celebrating a decade of existence by giving away heaps of loot, legendaries and cold hard cash on a weekly basis. Show Me The Eridium, the third weekly birthday event, is dropping cash fast and hard. With prices slashed across sharp outfits and sharper weaponry, it's time for an interstellar shopping spree.

Eridium is a shining purple currency used to buy all sorts of cosmetics across Bangerlads 3, ranging from outfits and weapon skins to UI themes and entirely new heads. But it's also used to buy some proper fancy Anointed weaponry, each of which comes with unique skills attached. Eridium is quite rare so this event is a rare opportunity to stock up and splash out.

During Show Me The Eridium, regular foes will also have a chance of dropping those sweet purple nuggets, and Eridium will drop more frequently in Mayhem mode. Each one will also go far further, with E prices slashed at Moxxi's slot machines and Crazy Earl's cargo bay hideout on Sanctuary III. The latter is where you'll want to head for all those nifty cosmetics and hefty guns.

Show Me The Eridium is the third part of the big Bakerlakes 10th birthday bash, running from today through October 22nd. It follows two weeks hat brought better boss drop rates then more rare monster spawns.

You'll have to venture outside the game for next week's rewards, as Gearbox prepare for "Mayhem on Twitch". They've not detailed what this quite means yet, but I reckon you'll be getting in-game rewards for tuning into partnered streams, like wot they did when streamers got to broadcast the game 4 months before release.

Week 5's Spooky Surprise is still a total mystery. Falling on Halloween, though, I'll wager at least one pumpkin-based pump shotgun. Gearbox wouldn't let wordplay like that slip by without a fight.

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