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Bows Are The New Guns: Crysis 3 VideoTrailer

The hunted becomes the hunter! The ruined city is reclaimed! Stealth, bows, arrows, BWAARRR, painfully pretty pictures of a world in ruin. Crysis 3 has all this and more. Granted, the 'more' is mainly guns (which are also the new guns), explosions and aliens being punched so hard and so far that the lead character might as well rename himself Punchy McFist Airlines. Heck, for all I know he is called that. I probably wouldn't even lose my monocle when a companion shouted to him, "McFist, these bugs are everywhere, you need to suit up and boot up!" I wouldn't know what any of it meant but I'm used to incoherence in shooterland. Here's the trailer.

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If you haven't been naughtily snacking on games news elsewhere, you might not realise that there was actually a teaser trailer for this trailer. Funnily enough, none of us felt particularly inclined to write anything about that.

There's talk of a return to the more open nature of the first game and if the player is as powerful as the trailer implies, leaping, sneaking and clobbering through the remnants of New York could be jolly good fun. I tend to enjoy the tension that a vulnerable protagonist brings to proceedings but sometimes it's cathartic to flick a switch and become a superhero for a little while.

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