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Bowsplosion: Crysis 3's Campaign Goes Very, Very Loud

After watching six solid minutes of Crysis 3's "The Fields" campaign mission, I can pretty safely say that I don't play Crysis like Crytek plays Crysis. I tend to spend most of my time invisible, skulking and striking with my trusty shotgun. Which might sound like the most counterproductive thing since weight-loss soda, but there's nothing else quite like super-speed sprinting away, re-cloaking, and slowly but surely picking off increasingly confused baddies one-by-one. In this video, however, Crytek takes a much more, er, forward approach.

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If the video is anything to go by, my playthrough of Crysis 3 will be the tale of one man who really, really, really just wants to stop and admire the exceedingly pretty grass, but pesky everything keeps getting in his way by exploding all the darn time. That said, the outdoor area looked pretty open (not to mention kind of STALKER-ish), so perhaps I'll be able to take my time and approach the situation as I see fit.

Then again, all those Cell artillery structures seem like a pretty convenient way of railroading players with a not-so-invisible wall of explosions, so it's tough to say. Admittedly, I kind of dug Crysis 2's mixture of scripted precision and pseudo-openness, but I definitely preferred the original Crysis' "here's an island, go nuts" approach over it.

In other news, hey, Psycho's back! And he's not wearing a nanosuit for some reason. Maybe that means Prophet will be able to find a way to... wait, why I am discussing Crysis 3's story? Huh, that was weird. But anyway, did you see all those crazy exploding arrows? No other game's ever done that.

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