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Broom Paladin deck list guide - Forged in the Barrens - Hearthstone (April 2021)

This deck is in its mums car.

Broom Paladin is a deck which takes advantage of the card draw available to the Paladin class, as well as the chip damage and buff spells we all know and love.

It’s a super-powerful and fun deck to play in the current meta, so get on it before Animated Broomstick and Pen Flinger get hit with nerfs.

In this version of Broom Paladin, you’ll want to play somewhat similarly to how you’d play Pure or Libram Paladin, what with all its buffs, board control, and healing. The main differences are that you’re not actually Pure - you have Neutral cards like Pen Flinger and, of course, Animated Broomstick in this deck, which helps enormously with clearing enemy minions thanks to its Rush ability.

Broom Paladin deck list and strategy

Here's the version of Broom Paladin being used in the current meta.

2 x First Day of School2 x Pen Flinger
2 x Knight of Anointment2 x Animated Broomstick
2 x Aldor Attendant1 x Blademaster Samuro
2 x Libram of Wisdom1 x Taelan Fordring
2 x Hand of A'dal
1 x Lord Barov
1 x Cariel Roame
1 x Veteran Warmedic
2 x Libram of Justice
2 x Aldor Truthseeker
2 x Devout Pupil
2 x Libram of Judgment
1 x Lady Liadrin
2 x Libram of Hope

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Broom Paladin Mulligan Guide

Below is our guide on what to keep in your opening hand when playing Broom Paladin.

1. First Day of School is a sweet card that can give you a couple 1-drops to get on board early. You might even get an extra Aldor Attendant!

2. Aldor Attendant discounts your Librams by 1 mana. Obviously this is great - Libram of Wisdom can buff it up almost immediately, and getting a non-stop source of healing works absolute wonders.

3. Knight of Anointment can draw you a Holy spell. In this deck, that means you’ll get any of your Libram spells or Hand of A’dal.

Broom Paladin tips, combos and synergies

Here are some Forged in the Barrens tips for Broom Paladin:

- Libram of Wisdom is useful for those Pen Flinger turns where you want to pink enemy minions multiple times, since it costs 0 mana when discounted. However, don’t cast Libram of Wisdom on Pen Flinger, as then it’ll be put back into your hand and you lose the Libram.

- Taelan Fordring draws your highest-cost minion. In this deck, that’s likely to be Lady Liadrin, or Devout Pupil if you’ve already played Liadrin.

- Veteran Warmedic summons a 2/2 with Lifesteal every time you cast a Holy spell - this means all your Librams are much more powerful for surviving late-game than they otherwise would be.

- Cariel Roame reduces the cost of all your Holy spells in your hand by 1 mana every time she attacks too - one idea is to save them up for a big turn with your Warmedic.

- Devout Pupil will be discounted by 1 mana every time you use Hand of A'dal, Libram of Wisdom, or Libram of Hope.

- Remember to play Animated Broomstick when you need board clears. Using it along with buffs like Hand of A'dal and Divine Shielded minions like Devout Pupil can swing the board, particularly against aggro.

- Chip away at the enemy face when possible. The small hits will add up, and remember to always count Pen Flinger potential when seeking lethal.

- Libram of Judgment is another great option for surviving late, but remember you need to Corrupt it. This becomes easier the more you discount the weapon though.

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