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Call of Cthulhu trailer is crazy in the coconut

You're a nut!

I am glad to see that no one punches a shoggoth in the eyes in the new trailer for Cyanide's Call of Cthulhu [official site], neither does our hero quip "I know your da sells Avon so what's your excuse?" nor rack a shotgun and declare "It's time to kick ass and take names, but I'm not sure if you prefer 'Shub-Niggurath' or 'The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young' or...?" No, generally the private eye investigating a mysterious murder on a misty island mostly seems to be losing his mind, as well he should when encountering forces from beyond the stars. Have a look:

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That's not a bad mood-setting piece, is it? Doesn't perfectly align with how I see Lovecraft but that's adaptations for you.

Here's the official word on what's afoot:

"A Private Detective, Edward Pierce is a mission to find the truth behind the death of an acclaimed artist and her family on a backwater island. Pierce is used to trusting his instincts, but with whale mutilations and disappearing bodies, this is only the beginning as reality becomes skewed. As your investigation leads you closer to the sphere of influence of the Great Dreamer, you will start to doubt everything you see. You will have to find balance between your own sanity, and your determination in finding out what lurks in the shadows - as they say that madness is the only way that can bring you to the truth."

It's meant to be an investigation RPG, which sounds gravy. Cyanide make games that are always a bit wonky but that can make them kinda interesting or charming, and the Styx series seems to show they're getting better.

Call of Cthulhu is due to launch later this year, published by Focus Home Interactive. This game is different to Focus's Call of Cthulhu: The Videogame, which was being made by Frogwares until they split for reasons unknown and lovely craft 'em up The Sinking City. Hmm! Not heard from that one in a while. Hopefully Frogwares aren't too distracted dancing by the light of lamps burning their own fat and playing dirges on flutes carved from their own shinbones.

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