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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 details new modes, third-person camera and open beta

Open beta arrives later this month

Alongside revealing Call Of Duty: Warzone 2's release date and map this evening, Infinity Ward also offered an extended look at the multiplayer for Modern Warfare 2. That included an explanation of new aquatic combat, third-person combat, weapon customisation, and details of the upcoming open beta.

All of the info was shared as part of today's (ongoing, at the time of writing) Call Of Duty Next livestream.

Of the changes, few seem so fundamental to the Call Of Duty formula as the ability to switch to third-person. Third-person perspective will be limited to its own playlist, so that third-person and first-person players can't play together. (Although they say they could change this later based on feedback). The third-person camera will by default be set a few feet back behind the right shoulder of your character.

There are also several new modes coming to Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. Those include Knockout, in which teams fight to hold on to a package or eliminate their opponents and there are no respawns; Prisoner Rescue, which sounds like Counter-Strike's Hostage Rescue mode; and Invasion, which is a "massive Deathmatch" set across large maps with a mixture of human and NPC combatants.

All of the changes, including new perks, mantling system, changes to vehicles and more, can be read about on the Call Of Dity site.

If you want to play with them yourself, you'll have the chance when Modern Warfare 2 enters beta on PC on September 22nd for those who pre-order and September 24th for those who don't. The beta ends on September 26th and the full game launches October 28th.

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