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Call Of Duty: Warzone has indeed nuked Verdansk today

It's a multi-part event leading up to season three

As Call Of Duty: Warzone has been teasing, its battle royale map Verdansk has indeed gotten nuked. Part one of The Destruction Of Verdansk has already kicked off, with later parts queuing up shortly after until season three lands on Thursday, April 22nd. If you can get through the login queue, it looks like you'll be doing your best to avoid becoming zombified and then getting a nuke dropped on you and all the zombies afterwards.

Activision are giving cryptic updates in the form of mission reports over on their website. "We know you are outnumbered, out-armed, and out of options against this contamination, as resources are expected to be scarce within Verdansk," their instructions said at the event kickoff. "Survive at all costs against the threats that remain, no matter the odds. We are counting on you to execute the mission."

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From the looks of it, the first phase of the event turns dead players into zombies, who then go on to keep hunting other players. Zombies respawn after death, so it becomes a giant zombie player horde all hunting down the remaining humans while contamination zones spread too. If you manage to survive and get to the exfiltration point, it appears that Verdansk gets blown up without you escaping anyhow. Granted, that might change as the next phases of the event kick off.

According to Call Of Duty's teased schedule, it appears that part one of the event is only running for two hours, after which part two looks to run for seven hours and part three after that. At a guess, they'll likely be changing up how the rounds work during each phase of the event.

As with big live events, it looks like players are struggling to get through the login queue though. Activision say they're investigating long wait times. Raven Software say they've released a playlist update that should reduce the frequency of game crashes too.

If you do get in and manage to complete a round of the part one event, you'll get a "containment protocal" calling card to show for it.

You can keep an eye on the situation as it develops over on Activision's website.

After all the Destruction Of Verdansk shenanigans, Call of Duty season thre launches tomorrow, Thursday, April 22nd at 5am BST (9pm PDT on April 21).

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