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Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 6 brings armoured trucks and vampire bats

It is time to stay frosty

Bravo Six to readership, Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is out right now on all platforms. Drop into Verdansk and you'll find a brand spanking new subway system to commute on, new guns to pick up, and a new battle pass replete with goodies. The main goodie being a vampire bat called Edward who will chew on your opponent's face for you. Delightful.

The headline act this season is the subway system, a way for squads to fast travel around the map. Players will find plenty of loot on their way down to each platform, and if you've arrived on time, you'll be whisked away to your chosen location in a matter of seconds. This subway has standards, though. Cause a ruckus on board and it won't be going anywhere. Ah yes, you best not forget Verdansk's famous health and safety standards.

Next up, Armored Royale is a new limited time Warzone game mode which sounds very Mad Max. Each squad spawns with an armoured truck, complete with turret and plenty of, well, armour. As long as the truck stays alive, so will your team's ability to respawn. If it explodes, then your team's ability to return to the fight is lost. As you'd expect, the last squad standing wins.

A quick mention to the new weapon rotation you'll find on the ground or in Supply Boxes. A host of new shooty bang bangs are yours to nab - so long EBR, you will not be missed.

The battle pass is a good'un this season. There are two new free weapons to unlock: the SP-R208 marksman rifle (Tier 15) and the AS VAL assault rifle (Tier 31). The assault rifle in particular has me intrigued, since it comes pre-equipped with an integral suppressor which frees up an all important slot for more attachments. We could have a very good gun here folks.

If you purchase the premium version of the pass, you'll unlock Farah as an operator instantly and the opportunity to get Nikolai, but only if you reach tier 100. Oh, you can also unlock new songs to blast out of your speakers as you drive about. Remember the all-time classic Bangarang, by Skrillex? It's yours for free if you hit tier 64! Finally, let's not forget Edward, a vampire bat companion unlockable at tier 18 who'll perform a bloody finishing move on unaware enemies. He goes in for a little peck on the neck, knocks them to the ground, then really goes for the face, like, properly goes at it.

It wouldn't be a new season without a monstrous download size, taking up 57GB for those who own Modern Warfare and 25.5GB for Warzone only players. See the Season 6 patch notes for more.

If you want to see the victory screen more often, Ollie's put together some very helpful Warzone tips and tricks.

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