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Call Of Duty: Warzone's blinding lens flare is being fixed

It should reduce the amount I squint during matches

I'm a fan of Call Of Duty: Warzone's bright and colourful 1980s Verdansk. It's a much nicer atmosphere than the dull grey map of old. But I've come to find it's maybe a little too sunny, as the sharp increase in lens flare has made looking out of windows and doorways particularly blinding. Hopefully, I won't need to crack the Ray-Bans out for much longer, though, as a Warzone dev has promised to look into the issue.

Raven Software's lead visual effects artist Reed Shingledecker responded to an article from Dexerto, which reported that Warzone players were having problems with Verdansk's severe lens flare. He tweeted, "I can easily tone it down if needed" and said that he was "happy to look and address any VFX concerns".

However, Shingledecker also said in the Twitter thread that he doesn't "have the power to change the entire lighting of the map", though. He's only able to adjust "the brightness of the lens flare on the screen", not "haziness, god rays, or actual sun brightness". If Warzone players want these things tweaked too, that's feedback which should be sent over to Raven Software.

The Warzone Reddit is awash with players complaining about the aggressive lens flare in 1980s Verdansk. I've found it's become hit and miss when looking out of windows. Either you're okay, or you're totally blinded by the sun and can't see a damn thing. The clip I've linked below is exactly what I've experienced. And yes, sure, the sun is in the player's eyes - I get it. But should this be the case? I don't tend to monitor the sun's position when playing Call Of Duty and I'd rather not have to.

Warzone's smaller Rebirth Island actually got a lighting makeover recently, making things brighter and more visible without overdoing things. I've not had a chance to check it out yet, but people seem to dig it. Here's hoping Verdansk gets a similar rework soon.

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