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Call Of Duty: Warzone's hard-to-see Roze skin is finally being nerfed

Hopefully we'll be able to see her in the dark soon

Call Of Duty: Warzone releases new character skins frequently. An endless stream of cool, colourful looks, but what do I see? (or don't I see, I suppose) Roze, everywhere. A black-clad skin that's difficult to see in dark areas of the map. But hopefully not for much longer, as it's finally being adjusted, alongside overpowered guns including the FFAR, Sykov, and more.

Streamer Jack "CouRage" Dunlop tweeted Raven Software a list of changes he wanted to see in Warzone. Raven replied on Friday with a list of tweaks "coming soon". One of which is an "adjustment to Roze", and I'm thrilled about it.

In Season 5 of Warzone last year, those who maxed out the premium battle pass would unlock the "Rook" skin for Roze. She's clad in stealthy black gear, has a black mask on, black face paint, and sports a slender frame. This makes her really difficult to spot in darker areas of the map, like shadowy corners and dingy warehouses.

I think this clip sums up many players' issue with the Roze skin quite nicely:

I haven't fallen victim to the Roze skin a great deal, but there have been a couple of occasions where I've totally lost track of them in a similar way to the clip above. I totally lost track of a Roze player in a poorly lit hangar once, even when I had the upper hand, and it was beyond infuriating.

Plus, I feel compelled to switch off my operator who's wearing a bulky samurai outfit just so I can blend in with my environment a bit more. I think, "why would I put on my fun, colourful outfits when I could be playing as Roze?" And I hate it.

Raven Software also confirmed that the FFAR assault rifle, Sykov pistol, Tactical Rifle Charlie (the AUG, to be clear - why are they like this), and the M16 assault rifle are all getting nerfed next season. I'm particularly excited to see the ludicrously overpowered Sykov get toned down, but admittedly a bit sad - they are quite fun to use, after all.

Finally, Modern Warfare weapon perks should work as intended in the next patch, alongside sniper scopes which weren't showing glint when scoped in. A change to the way RC-XD killstreaks are purchased at Buy Stations is also being added. Here's hoping it's moved further up the list so I don't accidentally buy yet another remote-controlled car instead of a Loadout Drop.

I'm hoping that we'll see these changes as Season 3 arrives later this week, on Wednesday or Thursday if the game's "The end is near" tweet is anything to go by.

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