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Call Of Duty: Warzone's trucks are probably being nerfed

In a bid to save the solos experience


As prophesised, Raven Software have indeed nerfed the trucks. According to their patch notes, they've reduced the number that spawn around the map. This should mean they'll be a bit easier to whittle down over the course of a match.

Other changes include adjustments to popular weapons the CR-56 AMAX, FARA, and LW3-Tundra. Some mid-range optics have also been reworked too, which should make them more viable.

Turns out that it's not humans with guns who pose the biggest threat in Call Of Duty: Warzone, it's actually the trucks. These six-wheeled behemoths have proven themselves to be a dominant force in Verdansk, so much so that machine often wins over man. But it looks like Raven Software might be hitting them with a nerf soon.

Yesterday Raven Software tweeted out what I'd refer to as the "El Classico" of teaser images: three sentences, two of which have been partially blacked out. And to top it off, Raven simply put the emoji of the little yellow face stroking its chin inquisitively.

Woah, what could this possibly mean? Call Of Duty YouTuber Westie replied with his take on what the full message might say and - in my humble opinion - it fits the crinkled page perfectly: "Cargo trucks are the meta. Verdansk solos needs saving. Something must be done soon." Okay, so it might not be exactly these words, but I reckon it's very, very close.

It makes sense, too. Trucks have become a menace in Warzone solos. They can take a tonne of punishment, they let you cover ground easily, and even after you've hopped out, they can be used as portable cover. They're not as nightmarish in squad modes, as multiple players can wail on them with bullets, grenades and the like, but in solos, players rarely have the firepower to counter these chunky hunks of metal and rubber.

Yes, players can pack RPGs in an attempt to make them explode, but carrying one around often leaves you at a disadvantage. Ideally, you'd rather have a versatile secondary weapon to hand, as opposed to a large tube with one very specific purpose. Plus, players can just stick a Trophy System on the back of their vehicles to prevent projectiles from even harming them anyway. Brilliant.

So what's Warzone solos been reduced to? Well, most final circles often involve trucks just driving about until everyone is forced to vacate their armoured mobile homes and actually fight.

There's a chance, though, that this message isn't about trucks at all. Maybe we've all been bamboozled and it really says something like, "Cargo tankers are sending feta. Verdansk's salads need saving. Something must be done soon". I adore feta as well, so I wouldn't even be mad to be fair.

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