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Cities: Skylines Modder Is Adding First-Person Multiplayer

What now?

There's already been a Cities: Skylines [official site] mod that lets you wander your streets from a low, 'first-person' style camera, but what about doing it with a friend? Reddit user 'Fr0sZ' posted a video today of his work-in-progress Cities Skylines multiplayer mod, in which each player is represented in the world as a pedestrian avatar and able to walk around. See below.

"A first look at my multiplayer mod. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it," writes Fr0sz under the YouTube video. The Reddit community has some ideas, but a multiplayer Crazy Taxi-like driving and delivery game on your roads network sounds pretty fun.

This is obviously just a small experiment at this stage, but it's remarkable how moddable Cities Skylines is turning out to be. We already gathered up the best graphics tweaks the community has created for the game, but there's already thousands of buildings and road networks, pre-built cities and maps, extra features like traffic diagnosis tools, and I'm increasingly fond of hard-to-categories oddities like this City Web Server that outputs the underlying data of your city to a webpage of stats and graphs.

With all their simulatory clout, citybuilders seem like perfect foundations for dozens of different types games and a perfect fit for incremental development. For that reason, I always dreamed that EA would one day release a SimCity game and then just have a handful of people working on it for decades afterwards, Dwarf Fortress-style, adding new buildings and features and modes and expanding rather than re-building, like all good city planners. I'm wise enough now to know this is not how big publishers operate, but it's thrilling that Colossal Order's Cities Skylines might end up offering the same thrills as a result of its mod support.

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