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Cities: Skylines Player Makes Seattle, Pip Gets Distracted By Clown Fever

Grunge comes to Skylines

Okay, so in a situation which rapidly escalated I started off admiring someone's recreation of Seattle in Cities: Skylines, ended up browsing some of the Steam Workshop mods and assets and am now trying to build a clown retirement community complete with clown cemetery.

Here is the awesome Seattle thing:

And there's a whole set of images here.

It's by Redditor inthoughtwelive and apparently is the result of a combination of online resources and some old-fashioned eyeballing:

"It was actually done with a Seattle map I downloaded, but I redid all the highways, and then eyeballed the rest using google earth as a reference."

It's not quite finished but that's because of the building limit imposed by the game. I've only ever paid flying visits to Seattle but what is there (and there's a whole lot) looks pretty accurate to an eye trained by glaring at AirBnB maps and trying to sort out where to stay during The International.

I did go to the Steam workshop to see whether it had been uploaded and if I could take a little in-game trip but a) it hasn't been and b) I got distracted by a list of clown-themed assets including a clown shrine, clown cemetery and clown garden.

Now I'm building a clown community for retired clowns in the game and the afternoon is mostly just me getting angry about the clown town not growing fast enough.

This can only end well.

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