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Cities: Skylines is gone fishing with the Sunset Harbor expansion

Get that wet silver!

If you ever stared at the beautiful seas, lakes, and rivers around your cities in Cities: Skylines and thought "Surely I can monetise these as more than just dumping grounds for raw sewage?" you might want to check out the latest expansion. Launched today, Sunset Harbor adds new fishing industries to wring that wet silver from your waters. It has a grab bag of other new features too, and a new free update also arrived today with newness for all players.

New features in Sunset Harbor include a new fishing industry with boats and fish farms, a passenger helicopter service for the irresponsibly wealthy, an Aviation Club so folks can fly for funsies, water treatment plants, new types of bus service, and five new maps. Sounds like another expansion which doesn't dramatically change the game but does add more variety to your cities.

In the Paradox strategy tradition, the paid expansion is accompanied by a free update with newness for all players. This includes metros running overground, new metro stations, a new look for metro trains, and new healthcare facilities for children and the elderly. See the patch notes for full details and have a peek in this video:

The devs do note that mods will likely be broken by the patch and you should probably wait for modders to update them before loading up cities made with mods.

Sunset Harbor is out now on Steam for £11.39/$14.99/€14.99. Also out today for cash money: a new radio station and and a pack of Japanese-style buildings from a modder.

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