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Civ 6 tweaks AI and warmongering in spring update

This means WAR!

The march of progress is slow in civilisation and hey, Civilization can take time too. Civilization 6 [official site] developers Firaxis today launched the 4X strategy game's Spring Update, bring changes and fixes that may not be mega-huge but are certainly welcome. Warmonger penalties are reworked so your people are no longer forever cursed with the mark of Cain just for twatting your neighbour with a ruler, for starters, and the AI is fixed-up a little too. The patch is a 1GB download now percolating through the pipes so fire up Steam and let's have a look.

Here's the scoop on the rework of warmonger penalties:

  • When applying a warmonger diplomatic penalty for EITHER declaring war or capturing a city, reduce that penalty if you are enemies with the target of that warmongering as follows:
  •  •-20% warmongering if this is against a player you have denounced
     •-40% warmongering if this is against a player you are at war with
    NOTE: This is not used in situations where you are fighting a Joint War against the target power or when Sumeria joins as ally in war (in both those cases the penalty is still zero).
    EXAMPLE: Macedon is at war with Persia. If India goes to war with Persia sometime in the middle of this Macedonian/Persian War and captures a Persian city, Macedon will reduce its warmonger penalty against India by 40%.

  • Adjusted Warmonger penalties for City Population:
  •  •When applying a warmonger diplomatic penalty for capturing a city, reduce that penalty if the city is smaller than the average city in the game as follows:
     •If the city's population after conquest is below the average population of all the cities in the game, reduce the warmonger penalty by the percentage that city’s population is below the average.
    EXAMPLE: Persepolis is conquered and its population after conquest is 6. But the average size of a city in the game is 8. So this city is 2 / 8 = 25% below the size of the average city in the game. Therefore the warmonger penalty is reduced by 25%.

Check the patch notes for further info on balance tweaks (like buffing Harbours and nerfing Swordsmen), AI improvements, bug fixes, and other odds and ends. It's a solid patch.

You might need to wait a bit if you're playing on Mac or Linux, mind. Those versions of the patch are "coming soon", Firaxis say.

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