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Classy Videos Of Dark Souls II Classes

Courtesy of a Famitsu feature and the universal translator that is Reddit, the internet is currently awash with new information about the combat systems in Dark Souls II. Apart from the addition of QTEs to simplify the dastardly boss fights, the changes are tweaks to the Souls formula rather than massive overhauls. The cover system could be awkward but the inclusion of a Dutiful Commando class probably makes it necessary. Thank the gaming gods that From have finally seen the light and included a recharging health system though because, damn, if you played the previous games, you'll surely agree that they were unnecessarily difficult.

Obviously, that's a barrel-load of bilge. Click for knowledge and videos.

My immediate reaction to the alterations, minor as they seem, is that players will be encouraged to use more varied equipment. Two different arrow types can now be equipped at the same time, fired using different triggers, and magical grass can be harvested to aid with spellcasting. For those who prefer toe-to-foe combat, there are changes to blocking and block-breaking. The kick, which is in the great pantheon of gaming kicks alongside Duke Nukem 3D's, will be joined or replaced by a shove, the impact of which is decided by the character's equipment.

Now, would you like to see four classes in action? Be my guest.

From top to bottom, that's a warrior, a sorcerer, a temple knight and a dual swordsman. I'm a fan of the temple knight, a man who knows more about rolls than Mrs Bun the Baker's Wife. More details yonder.

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