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Come watch a newcomer and a forgetful veteran play Deus Ex live

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RPS threw Deus Ex a 20th anniversary birthday bash earlier in the week with a superb oral history of the game’s creation. Did you know that there was going to be a pirate island at one point? That and many other gems await you. To continue the ‘fun’, the RPS vid buds thought we’d revisit the game in a stream. If that earlier feature was the main party, then I guess we are handling the morning after clean-up. Sponging the wine out of the carpet. Unspooling the cat from streamers. Trying to work out where we put Warren Spector’s coat. It’ll be fun.

So: come watch us celebrate 20 years of Deus Ex. Or, more likely, stumble through the opening tutorial like two drunk uncles at the aforementioned birthday party. Colm has not played the game, and I haven’t returned to it since release. I was terrible at it at the time, too. I remember reading Kieron’s review on PC Gamer - because who didn’t? - and being desperate to play this game that reinvented itself with every avenue of approach. Only to find out that I sucked at every avenue of approach. Maybe we’ll fare better today.

So you can watch it right here, at 6pm BST, or you can hit the reminder button on the video below to get a poke from YouTube about it.

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So please do join us at 6pm, to share your own happy memories of the game and try not to get cross when we fall off the pier within three seconds of starting the game. Because this will happen. And, as always, we’d love you to subscribe to the channel and watch all our exciting videos. You can do that by clicking here.

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