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Come watch this streamer simultaneously beat two Elden Rings with a controller and a dance mat

Hop to it!

Watching people play FromSoftware games with novel input set ups is one of my favourite genres of internet shenanigan, so it's a treat to see streamer MissMikkaa simultaneously beat Elden Ring with both a dance mat and a controller. That's two instances of Elden Ring at once, to be clear, with Mikaa slaying the final boss on a PS5 with a controller mere moments before killing his counterpart on a PC hooked up to a dance mat. Two old rings, coming right up.

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Without further ado:

Here's the full finale stream, if you want to remind yourself she is mortal and that this took many tries.

MissMikka played through the whole game(s) simultaneously, but really turned the pressure on for boss fights - following the self-imposed rule that she had to kill both bosses on the same try in each game instance. She started her "ultimate challenge run" last month, beating both Margit(s) and Godrick(s) within three days. Malenia took 3 days all to herself(-lves), which makes sense because she's one of the hardest fights in the game.

Mikka has already beaten Elden Ring on the dance mat alone, of course, as well as separately with a naked level one character using just one hand. IGN interviewed her last September, if you want tips on how to dance your way through demons yourself.

She isn't the only streamer tackling Elden Ring with wildly inappropriate devices. Last year CJ reported on Luality's attempts to best bosses with a drawing tablet.

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