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Conducting War: Red Orchestra 2 Pics

Mod-gone-pro Red Orchestra sequel, Heroes of Stalingrad, has released a bunch of new screenshots. The last time we saw such a thing was in June. Some of them show men with guns. Others show completely empty rooms. Why do all developers and publishers, of all sizes, continue to release screenshots of empty rooms despite their being of no use to anyone in the entire universe? (This game looks interesting, but what might it look like if neither I nor anyone else is playing it?) I've no idea. I've chosen not to include them below, so sorry to those who were desperate to see a big empty blue-ish building. There's also a swanky trailer below that's a wee bit old, but I don't think we've posted it before.

For more info about the game, check Alec's write up of it, and 25 minutes of footage that Quintin brought to our attention. Meanwhile, click on these, and the one above, to see them bigger. The game's due out some time next year, although it's already got itself a Steam page, which will at least tell you system specs.

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