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Correction: you can be Jeff Bezos in New World, sort of

Yup, at least one fake Jeff has landed in Aeternum

As is ever the case in starting a new MMO, picking a character name can be tough. Not least because naming things is hard, but also because some words are on the no-no list. In Amazon's MMO New World, that includes most versions of attempting to name your character after Amazon's founder. As Graham found out yesterday, you can't be Jeff Bezos in New World. Well, not exactly, anyway. You can be close to Jeff Bezos, depending on how far you're willing to stretch his name. At least one player—though I suspect there are hundreds more—has successfully bent the rules and landed in Aeternum as a knockoff Jeff.

Yes, attempting to name your character Jeff Bezos is neither the height of comedy nor creativity, I know. This is a world that voted for Boaty McBoatface, so it was bound to happen, really.

Here he is, the one and only "JeffrieBezos"

Does he look like Jeff Bezos? He is bald. That's about as much specificity about Jeff Bezos's appearance I can conjur offhand.

This is a bit interesting though, as our James actually did try to name his character several different permutations on Jeff's name. Unsurprisingly, he got a no on anything including "Bezos". At least one name beginning in "Jeff" got denied, as did a "Jeffrey B. Zos". It seems that "Bezos" as its own word gets flagged, but our friend Jeffrie appears to have gotten around this by not putting a space in his name. James, meanwhile, eventually landed on "Geoff Bay Sos".

It's not surprising that "Bezos" doesn't get past Amazon's filter during character creation. I'm sure they too saw the inevitablity of the Jeff Bezos character. Of course they don't want players making gags at the head man's expense, or you know, attempting to walk around scamming folks for their Amazon Prime passwords with promises of a big thank you check from Jeffrey himself. It's typically against an online game's Terms Of Service to impersonate someone representing the company, which ol' Jeff does fall under.

There are sure to be plenty more where Jeffrie came from as New World players jump into Aeternum for the first time. Be on the lookout for the "Beff Jezos"s and the "Jeph Beezoos"s and whatever slants on Mr. Amazon's name that folks will surely be running around with.

New World has been quite packed since it launched this week, with long queues to load into the game being a common topic of conversation. To alleviate some of that pressure, Amazon say they're offering free server transfers.

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