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Crackdown 3 breaks its way into stores today


Neon bright open-world superpower shooter Crackdown 3 has smashed its way onto Windows today. Making games is hard, and suffice to say that Crackdown appears to have had its fair share of troubles to deal with. But it’s here! Terry Crews can finally appear inside your computer in all his glory, and in playable form at that. Here's a launch trailer showing off some pretty explosions.

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There must be a many-thousand-word long feature hidden within Crackdown 3’s troubled years of development. You may remember that it was originally due in 2017, before delay after delay eventually pushed it to this fateful day, February 15th, where it now competes directly with the likes of Far Cry: New Dawn and Metro Exodus. But at least it's finally here!

Whether it was worth the wait is another question. On one hand, John played it for his review, and he thinks it’s “a bland, woefully dated, aimless and deeply derivative open city.”

“Crackdown was created to be this power fantasy silliness, this game where you were ludicrously over-powered, causing wanton explosions for laughs. But this clearly troubled third entry has become a sad, glum affair, embarrassingly trying to be like Saints Row IV, but without any of the imagination,” he wrote, and that’s before even mentioning the multiplayer, which, once you get past the matchmaking difficulties, is apparently “woefully lacklustre and banal.”

On the other hand, it does at least have Terry Crews in it.

I’ll let you make your own mind up. Crackdown 3 is available on the Windows Store now for £50/€70/$60, although it’s also a part of Xbox Game Pass.

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