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Oh, Whoops! Crackdown 3 Is Coming To Windows 10

Superpowered shenanigans

Oh! Here's some late news: Crackdown 3 [official site] is also coming to Windows 10. I know, I know This was announced a month ago. Whoops. But you can grump that I'm late or be glad that it's coming.

Crackdown, for folks who didn't see the earlier games on Xbox 360, is about a super-powered futurecop dispensing violent futurejustice in a sandbox open-world futurecity. What's fancy and new with 3, beyond its first appearance on PC, is destructible futurebuildings. Kerfutureblammo!

Crackdown 3 will once again send Agents out into the futurecity with futureguns and transforming futurecars to destroy all the futuregangs, taking them down in whichever way and order you please. And blowing the city as you please. With support for four-player co-op. Here's last year's Gamescom trailer.

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I suppose I missed the PC news during E3 because the quiet announcement focused more on a delay. Heck, I only noticed it now because Game Informer gabbed with Microsoft about the delay. The reason includes something technical called a "hate table", which is my kind of jargon.

"Depending on what you choose to destroy in the environment, there will be massive, big reactions all over the city," Microsoft Studios general manager Shannon Loftis explained to Game Informer. "Gangs will get together against you."

It's being made by Reagent Games, a studio founded by Dave Jones. Y'know, the chap who co-founded DMA Design, the folks who made Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto before becoming Rockstar. Chap who then co-founded Realtime Worlds, who made Crackdown then oh no oh dear the doomed APB. That chap.

Crackdown 3 is due in 2017. As an Xbox Play Anywhere game, it'll require Windows 10 but getting it on PC also gives the game on Xbox One (and vice versa) and progress is shared between the two.

And here's Dave Jones last August, blowing the heck out of futureeverything:

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