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Far Cry: New Dawn

2 days ago

Feature: Neon post-apocalypse

Far Cry: New Dawn release date, trailers, editions, preorder details

Post-apocalypse seems to be the in thing right now, with the likes of Rage 2 on the horizon. However it seems Ubisoft wants in on this particular trend of neon-punk dystopian first-person shooters, as Far Cry: New Dawn splashes Hope County with shades of fuchsia and lime. We'll go over everything we know in this little summary guide, from the release date, to the trailers…

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7 days ago

Far Cry: New Dawn blasts into the post-apocalypse in February

That post-apocalyptic new Far Cry teased earlier this week is Far Cry: New Dawn, Ubisoft announced tonight, a standalone sequel to Far Cry 5 set after seventeen years after that game's nuke-slinging ending. It'll send us roaming the colourful wasteland of Hope County and beyond to thwart a vicious gang of raiders led by twin sisters by doing the usual Far Cry explore-o-craft-a-shooting. What you…

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1 week ago

Far Cry goes post-apocalyptic in next game

It's looking like the next Far Cry is going to be set after the end of the world. Teasing a full announcement for The Game Awards tomorrow night (which Alice Prime will be burning the midnight oil to cover), the trailer below gives us a little taste of the things to come. Ubisoft manage to hold back from declaring that 'war never changes', but that…

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