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Have You Played... Far Cry New Dawn?

'Tis a far cry from malaria shots

After the events of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft rightly turned up the volume for its regularly scheduled stopgap game. Rather than place you in the role of gun-wielding saviour, it allows you to become a superhero... who also happens to be quite handy with firearms.

Far Cry New Dawn is all about little tweaks: weapons feel earned because you craft them using scrap you scavenge; liberated outposts can be relinquished and liberated once more for sweeter rewards; and there's two charismatic villians instead of one. But the best thing about New Dawn is Ubi saying "fuck it, why not?" to superpowers.

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The series has always flirted with the supernatural – and I can only imagine it always will – but it was a marvellous decision to embrace the silliness here. By the end of the game, you can double jump, punch an enemy into oblivion, turn invisible: it is utterly ludicrous, and I adore it.

Given what they've shown off of Far Cry 6, perhaps this type of ridiculousness wouldn't fit in Gus Fring's Cuba-like island, but it worked a treat in post-apocalyptic rural America.

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