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Crucial's excellent 2TB X8 portable SSD is down to £123.61 at the Crucial store

One of our favourite external drives, offering up to 1050MB/s reads.

Crucial's X8 portable SSD offers excellent performance in a convenient, totable form factor - and now the 2TB model is down to £123.61 from Crucial's UK store, a new low price for this RPS-recommended external SSD.

I've been using the Crucial X8 since I received one to review a few years back, and I've continued to be impressed with its reliability, convenience and speed. The drive is capable of up to 1050MB/s reads and ~1000MB/s writes on the correct (10Gbps) USB-C or USB-A port, making this is a very rapid way of transferring even large files between computers. It also works well as a game storage drive, whether you keep it permanently attached to add extra space without opening up your PC or laptop, or whether you use it to ensure any computer you're working on has your favourite games prepared.

The drive is quite compact, measuring around 110 x 54 x 12mm, but inside it's a pretty high-tech operation. There is Micron 64-layer QLC NAND flash memory, a DRAM cache and a Silicon Motion SM2263 controller - all components that ensure a good balance between price and performance. The drive also comes with a three-year warranty, which is nice. It's resistant to drops, knocks and vibration, and is designed to still work even after suffering a two-metre drop (not that I'd recomemnd testing this).

Looking online, the Crucial X8 normally retails for around £140 to £130, so to get it for just a few quid over £120 is pretty good going and a new low price for the drive. If you can use an external, it's certainly worth an investigation. And for more recommendations, be sure to check out our breakdown of the best gaming SSDs.

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