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Cyberdemon Monday: Doom BFG Source Code Out Now

Doom 3 BFG Edition didn't exactly make a graceful landing on PC. For one, it crushed the original version flat as Doom 1's not-exactly-3D character models - leaving mod users without a convenient front door into Doom 3's rather impressive library of user creations. Happily, however, id and Bethesda took the resulting outrage quite seriously and relisted Doom 3: The Version From Before Incessant Subtitles Took Over The World in short order. Further, they continued to promise that BFG Edition's source code was on the way. And now, they've delivered.

If you're hoping to mod the BFG Edition or at least take a peek at its RAGE-remodeled guts, simply go here and make with the downloading.

Of course, the BFG Edition gained a rather dubious reputation for being surprisingly PC-unfriendly in terms of robust graphics options and other such standbys. Today, though, id also released a new patch that takes care of that somewhat, upping the ante for V-sync, shadow-casting projectiles, anti-aliasing, checkpoint-disabling, and FOV settings - among others. Elsewhere, a few minor bugs get squashed in the most violent of fashions.

So, right then, new source code. Hopefully this will allow modders to port their projects without too much hassle, but I'm no expert on the nuts and bolts of these things. Beyond that, though, is there any particularly strong interest in this? I mean, there's some RAGE tech working underneath the hood, but the net effect on Doom 3 didn't seem too tremendous. Is there more to it than meets the eye, though?

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