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Cyberpunk 2077's final Night City Wire stream was a Keanupalooza

Good bye, Night City

Hopefully, we've all made peace with Cyberpunk 2077 not coming out this week. But that doesn't mean today has to be entirely free of neon-tinted nonsense. The latest (and final) episode of developer streamshow Night City Wire just wrapped up, an auditory showcase on the game's soundtrack headlined by a new trailer Johnny "actually Keanu Reeves" Silverhand.

Before we stick the soundtrack on, CD Projekt premiered a new, Silverhand-centric trailer explaining the relationship between the rocker and the player character - before just letting Keanu riff on camera for a bit to talk about his voiceover and motion capture process.

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Charming as the guy is, they do eventually move on to chat about the game's soundtrack. Now, we've already had a good sense of the general soundscape of Night city for some time now with the reveal of the game's artist and song list - and tonight's show doubled down on that with a few shoutouts from folks from Grimes. But the show also handily commented on a stream-safe audio mode that locks out certain troublesome songs (handy, considering the current copyright nightmare affecting Twitch) that should make the game safe to broadcast without getting slammed by DMCA takedowns.

Beyond licensed tunes, though, there are some neat new insights into the game's audiosphere. We get a brief, crass interlude from one of the game's lowlife DJs whose foul rapport would feel right at home in GTA V, along with more general approaches to the 7.5 hours of music composed interally for the game's quests and cutscenes. The devs also dove into a tool they're using to localise facial animations across various languages without looking. It's all marketing, sure, but a neat insight for surface-level audiophiles.

Unfortunately, there's no further clarification on V's Xbox chequerboard manicure from this week's special stream (no armpits either - soz, Alice B). Instead, we end on one lengthy, final gameplay trailer that cues us in further on next month's release, from story and setting to the familiar sights of upgrade menues and three-pronged skill trees.

Some things never change, eh?

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Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely, for sure, absolutely coming out on December 10th. Once again, it's worth remembering that CD Projekt Red reneged on promises to avoid mandatory overtime in pursuit of this release date.

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