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Boo! Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Delayed

Hallowe'en shocks continue


I apologise for shaking you to the very core of your being, leaving you with fingernails bitten to the bone as you sit in a warm ammoniac sop, but it's important that I prepare you for Hallowe'en shocks. And for this next spine-chilling surprise: Darksiders: Warmastered Edition [official site] has been delayed. The revamped rerelease of Vigil Games' 2010 Apocalyptic action-adventure was due on October 25th, in time for the day we all know as The Big Spooky, but publishers THQ Nordic have pushed it back by one month.

Warmastered Edition, to refresh your memory, is Darksiders prettied-up a little. It'll boast high-res textures, improved shadows, 60fps action, fancy post-processing effects, and so on. Like the 'Deathinitive Edition' of Darksiders II before it, this is mostly to bring the game to modern consoles but hey, we benefit from it too.

Why the delay? THQ Nordic don't say. The PC version is now due on November 29th, which is a week after the console release. Why the holdup? They don't say. Will it be discounted for folks who already own the original game? They don't say.

THQ Nordic have said they would like to make Darksiders 3, so consider this a brand-building exercise.

THQ Nordic, by the way, is not the same as THQ. It's the new name of Nordic Games, who picked up the brand as well as the rights to loads of THQ's games. It's not quite the same as The Demons Whispering Sierra's Name in the Darkness or The Terrible Creature Wearing the Skin of Atari, as Nordic don't entirely shed their old identity. The Nordic Fist Wearing the Degloved Hand of THQ? The Nordic Fist Wearing THQ As Fingerless Mittens.

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