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Dawn of War 3 trailer battles over mythical pointy stick

Get dat pointy stikk!

A dramatic new trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 [official site] is here, which means lots of Space Marines and Eldar wanking on about prophecies, some wandering world, the Spear of Khaine, lords, betrayal, and other gubbins until Orks roll up looking for "da pointy stikk." Bless your murderous hearts, Orks. This cinematic-o-gameclip video introduces the broad story in Relic's RTS and yes, it does basically boil down to finding a pointy stick. But what better item to fight over? If you can win a fight without a pointy stick, just imagine how powerful you'll be once you get one!

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I'm obviously a big fan of Orks in 40K, those fun-loving fungoid cockneys, but I do realise they need contrast. Without this Eldar warpwaffle and Space Marine duty bollocks, Orks would just be kooky. I want that spear too, I do. I hope it gives some wild stat bonuses. I would murder forty thousand people for a big damage bonus or stun.

Anyway, here's that prophecy from Farseer Taldeer:

Fiery skies shall light the way
Blood shall spill over the wandering world
The spear of Khaine shall call the wayfarers
And the storm prince shall unite them.

I dream of a future where the cyber becomes so fractured and divorced from context that this is seen as an actual prophecy. Some will see it as evidence of how quaint we were but others will treat it as actual prophecy from Olden Times when everyone was just so much more in tune with the universe. But which event will the futurefolk think this prophesies? Keep an eye on the news as the future unfolds, gang!

In the short-term future, Dawn of War 3 is due later this year.

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