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Dead By Daylight Bringing 4v1 Slasher Horror To June

Published by Starbreeze

The last time Behaviour Interactive tried to make a psycho killer (qu'est-ce que c'est?) game, they ended up with Naughty Bear. Ohhh dear. Two of 'em! This time, they're going for classic horror movie slashing in Dead by Daylight [official site]. It's a 4v1 multiplayer game about hapless teens trying to escape the murderous clutches of killers with bear traps, big knives, meat hooks, and all that. We've not seen much yet, but publishers Starbreeze today announced Dead by Daylight will launch on June 14th.

If you've seen a slasher film, you probably get the idea: the teens are trying to run run run run, run run, run away, the murderer is trying to murder. Teens need to fire up generators to open doors to escape, sneaking around because confrontation will likely end badly. Dead by Daylight will have a selection of different murderers, each with their own abilities, and teens get to gather items to help their escape. Maps are procedurally generated so it's a different bloodbath each time, though I think it does only have that one generator-door-escape goal.

It looks a bit bland, but they haven't really shown off straight gameplay footage. Here's the most recent dev diary, looking at killers:

Dead by Daylight will cost $19.99/19,99€ on Steam, which usually translates to £14.99.

I am reminded of the Horrorshow mod for Quake (oh, that 1997 website!), but I suppose it's more helpful to point out that new Friday the 13th game. Following a successful Kickstarter, it's slated to launch in October. Here's a teensy snippet of HUD-less gameplay. It looks more interesting than Dead By Daylight but hey, I'm happy to see several studios working on slash 'em ups.

Sorry, I'm talking a lot, but I'm not saying anything.

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Dead by Daylight

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