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Dead By Daylight meets the Saw movies in new DLC

Crossovers continue

Following crossovers with Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Halloween, and A Nightmare On Elm Street, Dead By Daylight has opened another forbidden book, touched another ominous bloodstain, and said another forbidden name thrice into the mirror. This time, the 1v4 horrorshow has summoned DLC from the world of the Saw movies. The new killer is The Pig, Jigsaw's apprentice trapmurderer Amanda Young, and she's armed with those iconic head-mounted beartraps. If she pops one on your head, you'll need to find a key to unlock it before it pops and bites ya. The DLC adds a new map and survivor character too.

So, Saw! You know: a psycho killer (qu'est-ce que c'est?) with a penchant for puppets abducts groups of people then puts them in elaborate deathtraps of saws, broken glass, hypodermic needles, and so on, which will whittle the victims down until oh maybe they will realise they had done bad things in their lives. I'm not a fan. I've seen many more-gruesome horror films but the Saws and their imitators have a misanthropy that's really off-putting. The first is interesting as an influence on a decade of horror movies but beyond that, largely unpleasant.

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Oh, the Saw DLC? Right, right. So! The Pig has those 'Reverse Bear Traps', which she can put on someone's head after knocking them down. Once the survivor team repairs a generator, the traps will start ticking, given the wearer two-and-a-half minutes to find a key to remove it. Keys appear in Jigsaw Boxes, dotted around the map with puppets on top when The Pig is playing. These are opened similarly to generators, including quick-time events, but you'll need to find one with the right key. Try to escape the level or fail to unlock the trap and it'll spring, instantly sacrificing you. The key Box locations are highlighted for Survivors (unless The Pig has certain skill bonuses), so it's not inherently difficult but it will take up their time and attention.

The Pig can also crouch down a little, moving slightly slower while having no Terror Radius to warn survivors and gaining a natty lunge attack. And her perks give her self-repairing sacrifice hooks, let her spot generator progress, and cause survivors to get the Exposed vulnerability debuff if they rescue some from near her.

The new survivor is David Tapp, the detective played by Danny Glover in the first movie. He crawls faster and can recover by himself, senses objective and item locations after fixing a generator, and gains skill check bonuses after hanging out near a killer. Here, the game's fan wiki explains more.

Annnd the new map is the Gideon Meat Plant, a murderzone from the movies.

Dead By Daylight's Saw DLC is out now on Steam, priced at £5.19/€6.99/$6.99.

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