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Dead Cells Fatal Fall DLC arrives later this month

Adding new weapons and biomes

It's not long now until Dead Cells takes a deadly descent into its next paid expansion. Motion Twin and Evil Empire just announced the hack 'n' slash roguelite's Fatal Fall DLC will launch on January 26th, bringing with it new biomes, new enemies and new weapons with which to whack 'em.

One of those weapons is a lantern, which I thought maybe you'd just shine at enemies, but judging from the trailer below it seems you'll be using that to clobber baddies to death too.

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First up, the two new biomes you'll be exploring are The Fractured Shrines and The Undying Shores. They're intended as alternate paths to shake up your midgame runs, and culminate in fighting new boss, The Scarecrow.

In a press release, the devs say that before you get that big meanie you'll encounter "a homicidal pet sword" and "slightly psychotic enemies like the Myopic Crow, the Clumsy Swordsman, the Compulsive Gravedigger". Sounds like a party.

As for the new weapons, there are seven in total, including: Lightning Rods, Ferryman’s Lantern, Scarecrow’s Sickles, Iron Staff, Snake Fangs, Serenade and Cocoon. The devs add that each of these will help you in different areas of the new biomes.

Fatal Falls comes out on January 26th, and will cost £4.50/$5/€5. From that date, the developers will be launching a few discounts too, including offering 50% off the base game. They say these discounts will vary by platform, so do bear in mind that Dead Cells is available on Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store, Origin and Humble when you're looking for the best deal.

If you've slept on the game so far, picking it up while it's discounted is probably a good shout, because it really is quite good. “Dead Cells gets into your nervous system like a wonderful toxin,” Brendy (RPS in peace) said in his Dead Cells review. “The verbs ‘hack’ and ‘slash’ have rarely been put to better use”

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