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Dead Space: Some Of It Is Warren Ellis'

Dead Space's comic connection proves to be more than Antony Jonhson and Ben Templesmith's prequel comic. Warren Ellis, the Stalin of Southend-on-Sea, has just mentioned on his mailing list that he wrote a whole load for the space-survival-horror. Full quote beneath the cut...

Warren says:

Oh, I got released from an NDA the other day, so I can finally say that I wrote a bunch of the groundwork, backstory and structure on the forthcoming EA videogame DEAD SPACE, which recently got a comic prequel from the hands of Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith. I believe there was at least one other writer on the project, but I'm sure there's some of me in there somewhere.

If we were to bet, any bit that involves something really horrible happening to someone, posthumanism and smoking. Last time Warren contributed to a PC game was the brilliant and conceptually splendid Hostile Waters , so we have to take this as a good sign.

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