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Death Stranding will be released on the PC in 2020

Consolation prize

Sure, it’s a game about a post-apocalyptic delivery man wandering a celebrity-packed end-times with a baby strapped to his belly, but the biggest mystery about Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding has always been if it’s coming out on PC. From there all other questions flow, like a stream of truth gurgling into a lake of knowledge. Here’s some truth for you: Death Stranding is out in 2020 on PC, aiming for a summer release. It’s also out next month on PS4, so let’s thank the console players for beta-testing it for us.

Thanks! We appreciate it.

Now I need to make you understand just WTF this is, which is tough because I don’t have a lot of time down here in the news mines, and trying to compress three years of game info is a right pain. Luckily for me there's a briefing trailer, in which a man with a face mask hints at things. You, Norman Reedus, will be trying to save humanity against an encroaching supernatural power. The world has disconnected, leaving everyone left to struggle on their own. Your job is connecting the networks that will bring everyone together. I think.

So it’s a game about connecting the strands of society, peeing, having a nap, and delivering things. It really should be called “Death Orienteering” from what I’ve seen. Here’s a wee video in which you can see all that, as well as Geoff Keighley.

There's some stealth and action as well, and Mads Mikkelsen.

505 Games will be doing the publishing duties, which is interesting in itself as they're pretty cosy with the Epic Games Store. Their publishing deal for Control made it exclusive to Epic. That deal cost Epic $10.45 million. I wonder what Death Stranding would be worth?

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