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Destiny 2 starts Moments Of Triumph event, opening raids for farming

Get in there and rinse those raids

Ahead of Destiny 2 shuffling five raids out of rotation next season, Bungie have relaxed restrictions on loot so you can fully rinse them before they go. Usually each character can only get drops from each raid once per week, but for the rest of the season these five can be repeated over and over for loot galore. This comes as part of the latest Moments Of Triumph event, which started last night. Players are challenged to complete a long list of accomplishments, including some raids, to claim cosmetic rewards plus a new title.

Running until September 22nd, the Moments Of Triumph 2020 event has 28 achievements to complete to claim the MMXX title. These range from easy ones like reaching max Crucible rank or completing bounties to tougher challenges like completing the Prophecy dungeon and finishing five specific raids: Leviathan, Eater Of Worlds, Spire Of Stars, Crown Of Sorrow, and Scourge Of The Past.

Those are the raids which will be removed from the game next season and placed in the Destiny Content Vault, as part of Bungie's plan to stop the game wildly out of control by cycling content in and out. So if you don't do them this season, well, you might not see them for a while. Importantly to some players, that means some items will become unavailable. So to get more people raiding and to let them get rewards, the weekly reward cap has been removed from these five raids. That's not all raids and it doesn't apply to secret chests, only drops, so things like Scourge's Sparrow bike are still elusive. But a whole lot of good stuff is now easier to get if you have the time.

Still waiting for the excellent electrotether grenade launcher Anarchy to drop from Scourge? You can now run it over and over. Want to get that ↑ Luxurious Toast emote from Spire? Mate, you're guaranteed to get it if you finish the raid for the event cheevo. And speaking as an incurable Destiny fashionista, I recommend getting the Leviathan armour in preparation for the arrival of transmogrification. The Hunter helmet from Crown is great too.

I strongly recommend Destiny raiding anyway. Many of the game's best sights and fights are in raids, along with some fun puzzles. Leviathan is a series of gameshow challenges to impress a decadent alien emperor. Eater of Worlds has you fire yourself out a giant gun. Spire Of Stars includes a game of hot potato inside an engine. Scourge has you running around the streets and rooftops of The Last City and fighting a giant mech. And Crown Of Sorrows, well, it's a good test of coordination. You don't really need ultra-specific items either, and you'll already be at a high enough Light Level for them. You will need teamwork, mind - not to mention a team.

Allow me to again plug the RPS community Discord, which houses the RPS Destiny 2 clan and a good number of active players. I've heard good things about the Destiny 2 PC LFG Discord server too, though I've never been there myself so I can't vouch for it.

The in-game cosmetic rewards for various Moments Of Triumph cheevos include a new Ghost shell, a new Sparrow spacebike, guaranteed drops of the raid shaders, the MMXX title, and of course that Luxurious Toast.

Bungie's cool scheme of merch unlocked by accomplishments continues with the usual Triumph seal pin badge and t-shirt, and this time a sterling silver ring of the raid skull icon for completing raids. I would never wear it but I respect its existence.

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