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How to get Grave Dust in Diablo 4

Upgrade your healing potions with this spooky Monster Part

The Necromancer class in Diablo IV, surrounded by skeletons animated by glowing blue fire in a screenshot from the cinematic
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Where can I find Grave Dust in Diablo 4 and how do I use it? Grave Dust is an alchemical ingredient in Diablo 4, used in the crafting of powerful health potions and other consumables. It's derived from the bodies of slain undead monsters, but as long as you don't mind engaging in a bit of necromancy, you can use it to upgrade your healing potions to the next level.

Read on for details of the best farming locations where you can find Grave Dust in Diablo 4, which is out now on Xbox Game Pass, and how to use it in potion crafting.

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How to get Grave Dust in Diablo 4

Grave Dust is a Monster Part in Diablo 4, derived from the bodies of undead enemy types such as Ghouls and Drowned. Therefore, it's best to seek out areas where they tend to spawn if you're looking to farm Grave Dust.

The map of Sanctuary as it appears in Diablo 4, with the Scarred Coast sub-area of the Dry Steppes region highlighted.
Image credit: Blizzard / Rock Paper Shotgun

The Scarred Coast in the Dry Steppes region is a good spot to try your luck at Grave Dust farming, and remember that stronger enemies — especially Elites — have a better chance of dropping good loot such as Monster Parts.

How to use Grave Dust in Diablo 4

In order to make use of Grave Dust, you need to have unlocked the services of The Alchemist, an NPC who crafts your potions, elixirs, and incense for you.

Grave Dust can be given to The Alchemist in order to craft the following upgraded potions:

  • Greater Healing Potion
  • Superior Healing Potion

You also need Grave Dust to craft the following powerful incenses, which when consumed confers a buff to every nearby player for the next 20 minutes:

  • Chorus of War (increases all stats by 40, plus crit and overpower damage by 5%).
  • Reddamine Buzz (increases maximum life by 500).
  • Sage's Whisper (increases Intelligence by 25).

For other guides on crafting with monster parts in Diablo 4, check out how to get Paletongues in Diablo 4. And if you need a hand getting around Sanctuary head to our interactive Diablo 4 map.

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