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Dirt 5 delayed again, into November

Hit the brakes

If you want to get rowdy, gonna get a little unruly, get it fired up in a hurry, and want to get dirty, bad news: it'll be a while longer before Dirt 5 comes to start the party. Codemasters have announced that they're again delayed their off-road racing game, pushing it back from 16th of October (and October 9th before that) to the 6th of November. Business reasons.

"The revised launch date will allow Codemasters to release all versions of the game in a shorter timeframe, with the next generation of console launches expected for the holiday season," Codies explained in yesterday's announcement. Well, maybe not 'explained' as much as 'said'.

Dirt 5 is coming three years after the last one, once again racing across gravel, sand, ice, and snow around the world in all sorts of vehicles. Some pretty tracks, there. Multiplayer-wise, they're planning split-screen local multiplayer for up to four and online racing for up to twelve players. And this year, Codies are introducing Playgrounds mode, where players can create their own tracks and share them online. Observe:

Dirt 4 did let players create custom tracks, but that was a matter of tweaking variables on a track generator, not laying out blocks piece-by-piece in a Trackmania-ish way.

Dirt 5 is due out on Steam on the 6th of November. It'll also be on Xbone and PS4 at that point, with Xbox Xeriex X and PS5 launches planned for this year too, and a Stadia edition following in "early 2021".

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