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Dirt 5 skids into release this October


Microsoft just wrapped up their first Xbox Series X show-off stream, kicking off Dirt 5's debut appearance with a roaring new trailer. While it's all but required to flaunt your new console with some flashy cars, Codemasters have confirmed that Dirt 5 will hit PC alongside its Xbox and Playstation release later this year.

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Not to be confused with the stoic, oh-quite-serious rallying of the Dirt Rally games, the Dirt series is a more arcadey flavour of racer - jeeps and jalopies and all sorts of weird and wild off-roaders tearing up the track together with nary a co-driver in sight.

As per its official site, Dirt 5 will flaunt more than 70 tracks across 10 countries, a lengthy career mode with your boys Troy Baker and Nolan North, and - most importantly - one of those photo modes to capture some spectacularly-rendered pile-ups. It's also offering full offline multiplayer with split-screen support for up to 4 players, something that still shocks me when I realise how rare it's become.

Dirt 5 is expected to release on PC alongside current and next-gen consoles this October, before hitting Stadia in 2021.

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