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Dirt 5 secures a filthy release date on Steam this October

Hairpin, Left.

A splash of mud here, a battered bumper there. An engine held together with duct-tape and hope. Every car has a story, and Dirt 5 is no exception. This week, Codemasters got behind the wheel of their flashy new motor to deliver us a new trailer, crashing new story beats straight into Dirt 5's career mode and confirming an October 9th release date for Dirt 5.

Dirt 5 was revealed during last month's Xbox Series X showcase, tentatively pinning an October release date on the filthy racer. Now, Codemasters are confident they'll be waving the chequered flag on Dirt 5 this October 9th.

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Besides the release date trailer, Codemasters packed the back seats with more Dirt 5 deets in a community blog post earlier today. There are some new screens to gawk at, while seasoned voice actors Nolan North and Troy Baker's roles in the story-driven career mode after fleshed out a little more. The former will take the vocal reigns of your rival, Bruno Durand, while Baker will be mentoring you as fictional rally ace Alex ‘AJ’ Janicek.

Codemasters went deeper into Dirt's career mode with a deep-dive blog post earlier this month - outlining a branching career path, sponsorships, and drop-in four-player split-screen multiplayer. Your story will also be framed by an in-game podcast from the folks at Donut Media, because it's 2020 and none of us are safe from podcasts - not even us.

As opposed to its more serious cousins in the Dirt Rally series, Dirt offers a grimy, arcadey sandbox of cars to much around with. Should all go to plan, Dirt 5 will tearing onto Steam on October 9th for £45/€55/$60.

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