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Dirt Rally is free for keepsies right now

'Free' as in both 'free beer' and 'wheeee!'

You love cars? You love mud? Your twin desires combine in Dirt Rally, the 2015 Codemasters race 'em up which is currently free for keepsies on the Humble Store. They launched their 'End Of Summer Sale' today and are slinging keys around (Steam, not car) to tempt you into taking a look. Codies did launch Dirt Rally 2 earlier this year but that one's £45, while this is free. Go on, get in. I won't tell your grandma you love muddy cars more than her.

Hie thee to Humble to claim a Dirt Rally key. You'll need to sign up for their newsletter, though I suppose you can immediately unsubscribe if you want. You'll also need Steam to claim and play it, obvs.

The giveaway officially ends at 6pm on Sunday the 1st (10am Pacific), though Humble note that supplies of keys may run out before. Best you hop to. Once you have claimed a key, you'll to redeem that by September 5th or it'll crumble into digital dust like so much dried mud in the wheel arches of a Subaru Impreza.

Because I loved my grandma, I don't know owt about Dirt Rally beyond what I've heard whispered by mucky kids whose hands are permanently curled into wheel-clutching claws. It's pretty good, yeah? Got the cars. Going fast. In mud. Snow, too.

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