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Does Among Us have crossplay and cross-save?

How to play Among Us between devices.

Among Us, the overnight sensation from Innersloth, forces you to deceive your friends and tests the bonds of trust in such a way that I’m excited to see over-the-top think pieces about what the game’s popularity says about society. It’s also available on both PC and Mobile. Does Among Us have crossplay though?

Does Among Us have crossplay?

Between the PC, Android, and iOS releases, Among Us does have crossplay. You are able to play alongside PC users on mobile and vice versa. There’s a case to be made about mobile players being at an advantage thanks to being able to have blank names, but to be fair it’s a little tougher to control on mobile so maybe it balances out.

How do you crossplay then? Well, if your friend has joined a game, they’ll see a code at the bottom of the screen. Go to your Online menu and type the code under where it says ‘private’. This’ll let you get into the game with everyone else, regardless of platform.

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Does Among Us have cross-save?

Can you play Among Us across devices? At the moment, your Among Us data will not carry over between mobile and PC, as you won’t have an account that links between the two. This does mean you can join your own game on a separate device, which could give you an unfair advantage and completely defeat the point of the game, but go for it if that’s your bag.

Hopefully we'll see Among Us implement cross-save in the future! Considering how popular the game has become, it'd be great to be able to track all your stats across your devices rather than your clutch 7-kill impostor victory not counting on your main account's stats.

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