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Gwan Play... Dracula Cha Cha!

Dracula karate, baby!

Gwan Play is an endful stream of game retrospectives. One a day, on one day, perhaps for all Wednesday.

Christmas simply isn't Christmas without Dracula Cha Cha, I said in 2014. Dracula goes for a stroll on a chilly Winterval day, collecting presents, smashing snowmen, deploying his Dracula Karate against Christmas trees, and bopping to Green Door. Ah, it's all so merry! I always play it round Christmas. But I never did mention that a new version followed in 2015 to add more levels and such traditional Christmas activities as bowling and defending your thesis. G'wan, play it.

Dracula Cha Cha is a Draculised take on pocket telephone game Tomena Sanner. Draccy baby walks constantly to the right, with one-button controls to jump so he can avoid obstacles and collect power-ups as well as do things and play minigames. Face Santa in a dance-off! Play the bongos! Play rock, paper, scissors with reindeer! Defend your thesis against questioning! Beat a carnival high striker! Dracula Karate, baby!

The new levels are a weird and fun bunch, romping through a Tarzan-y jungle, visiting Venice, riding a motorbike through Japan, and surfing. Great tunes too.

You can download Dracula Cha Cha free mirrored on One Switch's site. The game's made by Lobo of Spitoufs, whose more recent Lupus in Fabula is mighty different to this.

Everyone's on about Super Mario Run this week but can Mario ride on the back of a reindeer's moped or graduate college? Pfff.

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