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Dredge's rescue dog is actually the spooky fishing sim's most supreme being, devs reveal

Humans love 'em, otherworldly fish hate 'em

Spooky fishing game Dredge is overflowing with underwater eldritch horrors, ghoulish critters, and mutant fishies - like, the Blinky-the-fish kind. Based on that description, you’d expect some three-headed sea beast, incomprehensibly twisted and glowing with an otherworldly light, to be the game’s most supreme being. Nope. That title goes to the dog you rescue in one of the game's side missions, the developers have revealed.

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In an effort to document every game that features dog-petting, cat-stroking, and other cute interactions with animals, popular Twitter account @CanYouPetTheDog posted about Dredge. The account highlighted a sidequest where you have the opportunity to soothe a stray dog, place said dog into your inventory, and set sail in search of its owner. I’m assuming the sailor’s inventory is GTA V-sized, otherwise the poor dog would be bouncing around a bag filled with fish hooks and blood-thirsty creatures (Ed: yep, that's exactly what happens, fish nets and all).

In response to the post, one fan pointed out that cargo can be lost when your ship’s hull is damaged, and asked the perfectly innocent question: “Can you lose the dog?”

One of the devs then responded: “no, i made him invincible.” It seems the hierarchy of these waters is aboat to change. A lot to chew on here.

This is just a broad PSA for any would-be fishers who are currently too scared for Dredge. Who needs guts? Anything's pawsibble with the world's best dog at your side. I'm sorry, I'll stop the puns now. Unless you're kraken up, I have about five more. Maybe I'll save them for another time. Okay, seriously, enough.

If you’re still on the fence, our Katharine gave the fishing sim a Bestest Best stamp of approval in her review. “It casts a wide net,” Katharine wrote, “but in the process catches the best and most accessible bits of survival horror, management and exploration games and serves them all up on a glowing, eldritch platter that's simply too good, and too moreish, to ignore.”

Dredge is currently available on Steam and consoles for £22/$25/€25.

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