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Fishing horror Dredge now has a photo mode and passive mode

Photo reel big fish

Creepy trawler adventure Dredge's second major update is out now, and it adds a photo mode and new wildlife events to snap. It also adds a passive mode, if what you really want is to experience its story and fishing without the trouble of its terrors from the murky depths.

Here's a trailer that introduces the additions:

A trailer for Update 2 for Dredge.Watch on YouTube

Every game gets a photo mode these days, but it's not a mere menu option in Dredge. Instead you'll need to chat with a new character, a Photographer, and fish for a particular piece of equipment to exchange for a camera. Once you've got it, you can photograph whatever you like, including the new wildlife events like dolphin pods and whale sharks that buzz your boat. There are new types of wildlife in total.

The passive mode is exactly what it sounds like. You can turn it on at any point from the Settings menu and afterwards other creatures won't attack you.

The full list of 1.2.0 patch notes also mentions 10 new aberrations, new settings including v-sync, and a handful of bug fixes.

Dredge developers Black Salt laid out their 2023 roadmap a couple months ago. The next update, due between July and September, should add boat customisation, before the first paid DLC is released sometime near the end of the year.

In her Dredge review, Katharine awarded the game a Bestest Best for the way it "catches the best and most accessible bits of survival horror, management and exploration games and serves them all up on a glowing, eldritch platter that's simply too good, and too moreish, to ignore." It then resurfaced last week as one of our favourite games of 2023 so far.

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